The RaT Project New Official Blog

Well, I’ve decided to set up a new blog for The RaT Project podcast. I decided to do this so the podcast will have an easier-to-remember URL. Updates for the podcast will be posted on that site.

The RaT Project Blog is the new home for the podcast. Show notes and archives will be posted there.

For those who check here for show notes, and those who listen to my podcast, thank you. I look forward to improving the podcast, and doing much more with it in the future.

The RaT Project 35

The RaT Project 35
Show Notes
Stardate 091102.2009

Correction from last episode: I misidentified the two Peter Cushing Doctor Who movies. The first Cushing movie (Dr Who and the Daleks) was based on the first Dalek story from televised Who (The Daleks), whereas the second one (Daleks’ Invasion Earth – 2150 A.D.) was based upon the televised story “Daleks Invasion of Earth”. Thanks to @tdrury for pointing that out.

On to the News:

News Dept:
Hulu to charge for video in the coming year?
Nintendo Announces DSi LL
–Significantly larger screens, larger stylus
–There’s no real need for this redesign
–Existing games will suffer aspect ratio when played on DSi LL
—-For example, try playing GB/GBC games on GBA
Ubuntu 9.10 Comments
—-Definite improvement over 9.04
—-My audio problems have finally been fixed
—-Slight graphical glitches on dual-monitor display have been fixed
—-Compiz and \Emerald Theme Manager finally works on dual-display
——No “dead area” on right of display area
—-Error reporter repeatedly sends out automated emails to Ubuntu users
——Users report getting hundreds of emails about the same bug report
——Can’t easily unsubscribe to these emails
—-CairoDock uninstalled by default, as is Pidgin
–Ubuntu One seems promising, but I’ve not tried it yet

Main features for this episode are reviews of the Nintendo DS games Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and a spoiler-free review of the new Wheel of Time novel The Gathering Storm.

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The RaT Project 33

The RaT Project 33
Show Notes
Stardate 021102.2009

News Section
Doctor Who Dept.
–Actual Airdates for Waters of Mars announced for US, UK
–Sarah Jane Adventures News:
Cultdom Collective Dept.
–Cultdom Collective finally wrapped up discussion on Doctor Who Magazine’s 200 List
–First two episodes covered the Top 10, next two episodes covered the Bottom 10
–Yesterday’s episode brought in everyone’s own Top 10 episodes
–Special Guest towards the beginning of yesterday’s Cultdom
Video Game Dept.
–New games for Nintendo’s Online Shops:

Plus Top Ten Doctor Who discussion.

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The RaT Project 32: Exciting Windows

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The RaT Project 32
Show Notes
Stardate 261002.2009

News Section:

Big Announcement on Nintendo Week feature for October 26 (on Nintendo Channel on Wii):
–Excitebike World Rally
Wii Shop News:
–Channel was out over the weekend for update
–Internet Channel is now free to download again
In other gaming news:
–PS3 to get Netflix movie streaming
–Rumors that XBOX 360 will get BluRay drives proven false
From the Tech News dept:
–Problems surrounding Windows 7 upgrades
—-“As of Monday morning, Microsoft had answered about 2600 questions that poured into support forum regarding upgrades. At last count, around 1400 questions remained unanswered.”
—-Problems “unpacking” from the student download
——Problem traced back to third-party software
——So problems still stem from pre-installed “bloatware”
—-Repetitive reboots upon upgrade/install
—-Product key problems
——Windows 7 won’t accept valid product keys
—-WinXP users choosing to upgrade to Win7 also having problems
—–No upgrade patch from WinXP to Win7
——Users must do clean installs
–Microsoft and Apple post business reports
—-Microsoft’s profits down, Apple profits up
–Ubuntu Linux 9.10 to be released Thursday, October 29
—-Just in time for the version numbering to be correct
——Number before the decimal refers to year, numbers after decimal refer to month
—-What’s new in Ubuntu 9.10?
——Ubuntu One client
——–The application allows registered users to share files between Ubuntu computers by simply dragging and dropping them into a folder in their home directory, or through a web interface.
From the Wheel of Time department:
–Tuesday, October 27 marks the release of “The Gathering Storm”
—-Book 12 of “The Wheel of Time”
–Myriad in-depth discussion on series can be found at

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The RaT Project 31: Do the Mario!

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On this week’s episode of The RaT Project, Rand takes a look at some of the latest news headlines.

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 7 tomorrow. Rand discusses the operating system, compares it with Windows Vista, and opines on the value of the operating system.

Verizon releases ads about their anti-iPhone smart phone.

Nickelodeon has just obtained global rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Expect a new TV series and feature film in 2012.

Mozilla has unblocked Microsoft.NET framework, after earlier blocking it.

Then Rand has another entry in his ongoing Wheel of Time discussion series. This time the focus is on Rand al’Thor, and what he might be up to in the concluding trilogy, specifically in the next book.

The final segment is another entry in his ongoing look at Saturday Morning Kids’ TV, with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Sure, this didn’t air on Saturday morning, but it falls in the criteria of nostalgic kids’ TV programming.

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The RaT Project 30 – The Real Episode 30

The RaT Project 30: The Real 30
Show Notes
Stardate 121002.2009

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In this episode of The RaT Project, Rand reveals the news concerning the upcoming book tour release for “The Gathering Storm”, book 12 in “The Wheel of Time”. Rand will be a Storm Leader for the tour at the Friday, November 13th stop at the Clarkston, GA campus of Georgia Perimeter College.

For those looking up directions on Google Maps, here’s the address:

555 N. Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston, Georgia 30021-2396

More info can be found on this post on

Also mentioned early in the show is the Cultdom Collective podcast, which airs Sunday afternoons on TalkShoe, and can be found here (TalkShoe ID: 54821).

Rand discusses a number of games this episode, including Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, and Pokemon SoulSilver.

Wrapping up the show, Rand provides his reaction to the new Doctor Who logo, which can be seen here.

Music used on today’s episode:

For the intro: Castlevania Grim Reaper OC ReMix – Memblers
For the outro: Castlevania Aria of Sorrow In the Darkness of Time OC ReMix – Rize

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The RaT Project 27: TMNT Mania (Show Notes)

This week’s episode of The RaT Project is out on the feeds.

The news section features mentions of tonight’s season premiere of the NBC series Heroes, which is beginning its fourth season today, BBC looking at cost cutting measures that could see them dropping imports of American programming, the official titles of the last two Wheel of Time novels, and a first-reactions discussion on the new DS game Scribblenauts. Also discussed is a top 10 list of upcoming holiday video games.

The main focus of discussion is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, looking back at both the 1987 and 2003 series, differences between the two series, differences between the ’87 series and the comic books, and more.

This episode also kicks off my series of discussions of Saturday morning shows that I’ve an interest in. More shows discussed on future episodes.

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The RaT Project resumes!

My long-running podcast series, The RaT Project, has finally resumed production. You can find the latest episode, as well as past episodes, on the iTunes Podcast Directory. As of now, I’m back to doing studio episodes, as I am still having audio problems with TalkShoe. I’m working on that, though, and hope to be doing live, weekly episodes on TalkShoe soon.

What is The RaT Project, you ask? Mainly it’s a show featuring discussion and analysis of the latest news topics, be they about video games, sci fi, Doctor Who, books, or even current world events (I throw those in occasionally). I tend to keep episodes around the 30-minute mark. Sometimes I’ll devote episodes to the dissemination of information concerning various topics, such as anime/manga recommendations, providing details on things I’m a fan of at the moment, etc.

The latest episode is now up on iTunes podcast directory for download, so won’t you subscribe?

Cultdom Collective, Episode 7: Does Superman Suck?

The live podcast series “Cultdom Collective” rolls on this Sunday with another topic. After last week’s highly successful episode, wherein the topic was Saturday Morning Kids Cult TV, Cultdom Collective takes a look at the world of Superman. The question up for debate is how Superman compares to other comic book superheroes.

As always, it looks to be a great topic for discussion. To join in the discussion, tune in to the show’s TalkShoe page, at TalkShoe ID 54821. The show takes place Sunday afternoons at 3:30PM EST

Cultdom Episode 6: Saturday Morning Kids Cult TV

Cultdom Collective rolls on this coming Sunday with another topic. This time the focus is on Saturday Morning Kids Cult TV.

Remember the shows you grew up watching on Saturday mornings? Be they cartoons or live action shows, that’s what’s up for discussion this Sunday afternoon on Cultdom Collective.

Cultdom Collective airs Sunday afternoons on TalkShoe, Call ID 54821. Feel free to call in and join the discussion!