Nintendo Switch Online: December 2018 NES Games

Nintendo have just rolled out the December 2018 NES games for Nintendo Switch Online. As expected, there are also some special editions thrown in as well.

DuOBOzcUwAAcKJX.jpg large

New this month are The Adventures of Lolo (a fun puzzle game for the NES, and also the first of a trilogy of games), Wario’s Woods (another puzzle game that’s kind of a blend of Yoshi’s Cookie and Dr. Mario), and Ninja Gaiden (a fun sidescroller, but I kind of prefer the sequels).

Nintendo has also been adding special editions of already-available games, versions set to certain conditions. First is Dr. Mario, which starts you at the end of level 20-Hi, with a small number of viruses left to clear, so you can see the game’s rarely seen UFO segment. The second is Metroid, which gives you all power-ups just before the fight against Ridley, in honor of Ridley’s debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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