What’s On My Bookshelf? The June 2018 Edition

Several months ago, I got a new bookshelf, the first one for my current apartment, and I easily filled it with books and stuff I’ve accumulated since moving into this apartment. There are tons of books and games and magazines still in boxes at my parents’ place, though.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s currently on my bookshelf.


The top of the shelf has an assortment of stuff. There’s a Pokeball that I got from Burger King in either ’98 or ’99, with a supposed gold-plated card within (there were several to choose from, I only ended up getting the Charizard card). There are some other Pokemon toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals from several years ago. There’s a small Blue Slime plush from the Dragon Quest series. There are two Hatsune Miku figurines. There’s also my C. Crane shortwave radio (which is apparently now a discontinued model). Along the wall, you can see some of my MST3K mini-posters I got with various DVD sets. There are also some wrap-around things I’ve gotten with some books I’ve recently imported from Japan (more on those later).


The top shelf has a lot of my DVD cases, mostly MST3K. Besides that, there are some Doctor Who sets, Quantum Leap, original Star Trek, all of the English-dubs of Digimon Adventure Tri thus far, some Marvel movies, and Star Wars. There’s even a copy of the HD remaster of MANOS: The Hands of Fate. There’s one anime series on that shelf, that being “Welcome to the NHK”.


Next shelf down has all of my video game cases, ranging from Wii U, to Switch, to PS4/PS3/PSV, and DS/3DS. There’s even a complete-in-box copy of “Ultima: Exodus” for the NES (one of my favorite games on that system). I’ve even got one of the special editions of “Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash” for the PS4. I’ve also got a couple editions of the World Radio & TV Handbook (the 2016 and 2017 editions). You can’t make it out too well, but to the left of those is a copy of “The Tales of 20th Anniversary” book which (while completely in Japanese) contains art and information on every entry in that series. I’ve personally only played Phantasia, Symphonia, Berseria, and a bit of Zestiria, but I enjoy the Tales of series.


The next shelf has a variety of books. There’s Jeremy Parish’s “Good Nintentions 1985” (a collection of his retrospectives of games released for the NES in that year), some comic book compilations (a Simpsons book, some Marvel books (Infinity Gauntlet and Secret Wars), The Wheel of Time Companion, the two (so far) Legends of Localization books (one for the original Legend of Zelda, and another for EarthBound), a Star Trek book (basically an introduction to series’ names and concepts for people new to the franchise), two Twin Peaks books (The Secret History and the Final Dossier), Wicked, two Doctor Who collections (The Lost Dimension), the box for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (hey, that’s not a book), Exploding the Phone (a book about phone phreaking), Fire and Fury (only got it because I found a copy for free), House of Leaves (one of my favorite books ever) some copies of the Bleach manga, a book of sci-fi based trivia that I might eventually use on Friday Night Trivial, One-Hundred Years of Solitude, All the Pretty Horses, a Japanese/English dictionary, a copy of the Star Trek Encyclopedia from around 1999 or 2000, “The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts” (a massive collection of artwork spanning the entirety of that franchise), an art book for “Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash”, and a guide book for “Tales of Berseria” (completely in Japanese. There’s also that Jirachi plush (one of my favorite Pokemon).

The bottom shelf is mostly Nintendo Power magazines. Not my entire collection, but part of it. Definitely all my issues from 2001 and earlier. In front of the bookshelf is my pile of “The Familiar” books by Mark Z. Danielewski, because they just won’t fit on that bookshelf anywhere.

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