Goodwill Finds

Went to the local Goodwill today and found a couple neat things.

As I was perusing the shelf at the back of the store where electronics are displayed, I heard some radio static. My first thought was, “Oh no, someone has found what is probably a neat old radio and will buy it and I’ll never get to even see it.” I waited around a bit and he turned it off and unplugged it. After waiting for him to walk far enough away, I casually walked over to look at what turned out to be a neat old eight-channel CB radio. They wanted just five bucks for it. I carried it with me and looked around a bit more.

I eventually found a really neat old Soundesign stereo, complete with AM/FM radio, 8-track player, cassette player, and turntable. It even had eight 8-tracks stored on it. The whole thing was going for just $20. I couldn’t walk away from that, so I bought both.

Not the best pictures in the world (I took them with my PS Vita), but they’ll do. I’m about to test it a bit more right now by playing some of the 8-track tapes and even play some of the “Tomorrow’s Harvest” album by Boards of Canada in it (isn’t that just such a neat idea?).

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