Recent Book Pickups

Here are some rather neat books that I’ve recently obtained.

The first is a three-book set, a collection of artwork from Yoshitaka Amano from the first 10 Final Fantasy games. It’s packaged in a rather nice box with wrap-around artwork.

The Sky

Called “The Sky”, this is published by Dark Horse Comics, the same publishers behind the Zelda compilation books of late (Hyrule Historia, Art & Artifacts). It’s really neat seeing Amano’s artwork for the games, including concept sketches for enemies.

The other book is “Tales of 20th Anniversary”, a collection of artwork and information for all of the “Tales of…” games thus far. The book was published shortly before the release of “Tales of Berseria”, so only has two pages on that game.

Even though the Tales book is entirely in Japanese, there are sections I can read and understand. Both books are really neat to look through, especially as a fan of both series.


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