Games I Don’t Think Anyone Remembers: Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet

I’ve not written a new entry in this series in years. It’s time I post something new, so here it is.

Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure was another shareware game I played as a kid. At least, I think it was shareware. Maybe it wasn’t. Either way, I remember getting a box of floppy disk from an aunt that had all sorts of games. Maybe it was on a full-size floppy disk, but was probably a 3 1/2″. Or maybe it was a game I got from the dollar store. I clearly remember having a sleeve for this game (a thin, paper case with the box art on the front, info on the reverse. The box art I posted above is not what I remember, and neither is what shows on Wikipedia).

Anyway, it was yet another DOS game. Remember having to type up commands in DOS prompt to start games? “cd\cosmo”, enter, “cosmo”. I still remember that.

This was a sidescrolling platformer, in which you play as a small, green humanoid alien with suction-cups for hands. Those let you climb walls and poles, adding a lot of verticality to otherwise left-to-right horizontal stages. There are lots of collectibles along the way, springs to bounce off of. There are also some hovercraft stages. It’s all alien and space-themed, which kid-me really enjoyed.

Reading through the Wikipedia page, I see Duke Nukem had a cameo (though referred to as Duke Nukum). I don’t remember this, but I do remember an old DOS Duke Nukem game. And I wouldn’t remember this, as it was in the second game, which I never played. Was it ever released? Must’ve been for a reference to be on the Wikipedia page.

There’s also the scrolling. Apparently this scrolls past at 8 pixels instead of one, which definitely adds to its aesthetic. Of everything I remember about this game, it’s that. It kind of glitched across, as I remember, instead of scrolling smoothly. I guess in my mind I chalk that up to it being a DOS game, but who knows.

A main reason I remember this game, besides it being a fun, simple game, is how vivid the worlds were designed. They were all so lush, so alive, so fantastic. It was so neat to visit those realms. In particular, I remember stage five had a system of pipes you could travel around in. Later on, when I played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and saw those pipes in the Turtle Rock stage, I immediately thought of this game.

I also remember how the game ended, with Cosmo falling down a long pit, only to be eaten by some large creature. That was the cliffhanger leading to the second game, which I never played or even knew existed. That ending always freaked me out, as a kid. Maybe that’s another reason I remember this game so well.

All said, it was a fun little game. I never hear anyone mention it. Maybe I’ve seen it mentioned once in relation to a GamesDoneQuick marathon or some other speedrun thing.

Anyone else remember Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure?


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