Twitter Printer Adventure

In the early years of Twitter, there were a lot of experiments like this, where someone would connect a printer to the Internet and somehow set it up so that it printed tweets containing either a certain username or character string (the letter generally being what became known as a “hashtag”).

My friend Daily and I would find these, and start spamming messages to be printed. Usually these printers would also be shown on a live video stream, so you could see your messages as they were being printed out. These were fun to watch, but I could it was a relic of a time when Twitter was not as popular as it is now, or as frequently used.

These screenshots are from a printer that was set up on 16 November, 2011. Daily and I would send messages and watch as they were printed. I brought in my Twitter alternate account, IvanButtons, for additional comments. Lots of screenshots ahead, so I’m putting them behind a cut tag. Probably not necessary in today’s Internet, but I’m still doing it.


Here’s an archive of tweets using that hashtag from way back when.


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