RIP [Moffat’s] Doctor Who

This Saturday will mark an interesting turning point in my increasing frustration with the television show Doctor Who: it will be the first episode I’m choosing to not watch.

Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in 2005 with Russell T. Davies in charge. RTD left after The End of Time Part Two, which aired at the start of 2010, at which point Steven Moffat took over. Since then, the show has been going downhill, as far as I’m concerned. The most recent episode, of this typing, “Dark Water”, was the tipping point. The episode brought back the Master in the form of Missy, played by Michelle Gomez. I don’t have a problem with that change to the character in general, my problem is who is writing. Steven Moffat has proven time and time again that he cannot write women characters (see Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, River Song, Irene Adler).

That was just the latest point on an ever-growing list of frustrations brought on by Steven Moffat.

If you want to hear me bitch about Moffat for nearly 25 minutes, download this episode of Radio Free Caemlyn.


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