Marble Hornets Ends

Two years ago, I wrote about the YouTube series Marble Hornets nearing an ending. Season three had been confirmed as the final season, and speculation was rampant about what that final season would reveal, and how the series would end.

Here we are, June of 2014, the fifth anniversary of the series at the end of the week, and the end of the series is in sight. The trio just had a very successful Kickstarter campaign to fund production of season three DVDs. That campaign stated that season three DVDs would ship in August. While the Marble Hornets guys don’t have to hold to that, they probably will, which implies things about the series itself. They will probably need most of July to compile the DVD features, prepare the DVDs for publication, and then to actually print and ready the DVDs and box sets for shipment. To keep to this schedule, the final Entry will have to be filmed and posted before this process begins, which means they’ve got until the first full week of July to end the series if they don’t want to rush the publication process.

This past Sunday night, Entry #86 was uploaded. Without providing spoilers, the video does provide an end to the series. Whether or not it is a satisfactory ending is a subject of debate among fans, as to whether this is the final Entry. There could still be one more entry to round out the series.

As of now, I’m waiting for next week, when the next THAC posdcast episode should be posted, and we’ll have word from the creators as to whether that was the end.

I discovered Marble Hornets back in September of 2009, shortly before Entry #14 was posted. I was a fan from that moment, and have been with the series since. I’ve met Tim, Joseph, Troy, and Brian at a Geek Media Expo event in late 2012. I’ve continued to do the Marble Operator podcast, discussing not just Marble Hornets, but TribeTwelve, Dark Harvest, and Andersen Journals. I’ve met friends through that podcast, through the fandom. Marble Hornets has been a huge part of my life. I don’t want the series to end.

Have questions been answered? Have the conflicts been addressed and resolved? Will a possible Entry #87 provide a satisfactory ending, or is it all ending here? Far as I know, none of the three have gone on record as to if the series has concluded. For now, we wait and see.

UPDATE (24 June, 2014): Entry #87 was posted on Friday, the five-year anniversary of the first video, “Introduction”, being posted. The trio behind the series were at a convention that following weekend, and at a Q&A panel, confirmed that the series has officially ended.

Marble Hornets has officially ended. On the next episode of Marble Operator, I’ll have a roundtable discussion on the final Entry, how the series ended, and an overview of the series.

The Marble Operator episode can be downloaded here.


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