Box Bot Quest

Someone has made a bot based on an xkcd comic wherein the character wrote a bot to purchase random items, once per day, on Amazon or eBay, with two parameters: the item must cost a dollar and have free shipping. The bot does the purchasing and has it delivered. The entire process is not seen by the person running the bot, so the items arrive in the post as a surprise; you don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve opened the package.

This past Wednesday, I heard about this from my friend Daily on Twitter; they had just read about it somewhere and posted about it on Twitter. I found the concept fascinating, so I filled out the information and started the process. The bot is funded on a weekly basis, and you provide it with seven bucks, for one purchase a day for seven days. Right now I’m just repeating information that is on the official site, so I’ll move on.

My first purchase was on Thursday, and one purchase has been made each day since. The first item arrived today, marked as being sold by Amazon. It was a thin package, so I deduced it had a book or something.

A note at this point: I’m not expecting any of these items to be anything major. I’m expecting small trinkets of some sort, nothing of major value. I don’t know what I’ll do with these items; I may end up giving them away either on Twitter or as prizes on Friday Night Trivia.

I’m typing up this blog entry mainly to have a list of everything I’ve received via the Box Bot.

The first item arrived today, and as I stepped inside my flat I opened the package. Item #1 turned out to be an activity book (although it only has drawings to color, no puzzles) for children, called “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”, with illustrations by John Green and text by Victoria Fremont, published by Dover Publications, Inc..

Update (29 May, 2014): Received the second item in the post today. It shipped from China, and is a flint fire starter lighter kit.

What follows is a list of everything I’ve received from Box Bot, in the order I received them:

Item #1: “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, a Dover Beginners Activity Book
Item #2: A flint stone fire starter lighter kit
Item #3: A small compass with zipper-pull strap
Item #4: A 2001, Presorted Standard USA stamp, design: Atlas statue at Rockefeller Center, New York City
Item #5: “Fluorescent Toys” (actually just astronomy-themed glow-in-the-dark wall decals)
Item #6: A bottle opener ring
Item #7: A T.Y. Hilton sports trading card (American football, Indianapolis Colts team) 2013 Panini card
Item #8: A pack of five ponytail holders
Item #9: A four-leaf clover charm (orange, green, violet, blue petals)
Item #10: Pack of four small, button-size silver objects with four-leaf clover and “Lucky Penny”
Item #11: A metal-wireframe owl necklace with colored fake-plastic jewels
Item #12: A set of three postage stamps
Item #13: A 2014 Tops sports trading card of Jorge De La Rosa, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
Item #14: 8 Stickers based on the Disney movie “Frozen”
Item #15: A George Washington 5 cent United States postage stamp circa 1967(?)
Item #16: A pack of two wooden cut-outs in the shape of “I”; orange with stars and a face
Item #17: A plastic, “gold” ring with a plastic jewel
Item #18: An earring (?) (one) with a purple H
Item #19: An iPhone case, plastic
Item #20: A Weiss Schawrz card “Kaito and Meiko”
Item #21: A plastic, silver ring with a “V”.
Item #22: A 2011 Topps baseball trading card: Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians


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