Radio Free Caemlyn: Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand

(Cross-posted from my podcast blog)

There was a show on WFMU’s Give the Drummer station called “Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza“. The show was a live experiment in audio, as each episode was a sound collage. Episodes of that show were typically two hours, and, when live, people could call in and add their own audio to the mix. It was a neat idea for a show, but it is currently on indefinite hiatus.

So I got to thinking, could I do something like this? Could I make my own sound collages? Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

I opened Adobe Audition, and started making music loops, by taking sections of songs that would work when repeated. I looped them, and set them as the main backing tracks. I then added audio samples, sound clips, repeated some in short loops. I listened to the results, and balanced the audio, to keep the music in the foreground and the clips subdued. It was an experiment. How would this sound? Would this be listenable?

I kept adding to that first project, and the initial ten-minute grew to 20-minutes then ultimately to an hour. I fine-tuned the clips, adjusting their timing and balance levels. I tried to structure the piece as a narrative, by repeating clips throughout and putting together parts of an entire clip. I exported the file and gave it a listen. There it was, my first sound collage project. I decided to upload to to Radio Free Caemlyn.

So there you have it. There are now two sound collage projects on RFC. I’ll maintain a list of them and future projects on this post.

RFC Sound Collage Projects:

SAFTWR 1: “A Step Out
SAFTWR 2: “What It Means to Be
SAFTWR 3: “Letting Go, Moving On
SAFTWR 4: “The Pressure of Noise
SAFTWR 5: “The Beginning Ends
SAFTWR 6: “Unending Madness
SAFTWR 7: “Down the Rabbit Hole
SAFTWR 8: “It’s Never Over
SAFTWR 9: “Chaos Emerging
SAFTWR 10: “Turbo Signal Boost
SAFTWR 11: “A Town in My Mind
SAFTWR 12: “Good night and Farewell
SAFTWR 13: “Outside
SAFTWR 14: “Bearing Witness to the Light
SAFTWR Mini-Episode: “Unfinished Thoughts
SAFTWR 15: “Escaping Into Dreams
SAFTWR 16: “Farewell to Hornets
SAFTWR 17: “In a Hurry to Remember
SAFTWR 18: “The Popcorn Edition
SAFTWR 19: “Moments in Time
SAFTWR 20: “Meditation Among Noise
SAFTWR 21: “Returning to Goodbyes
SAFTWR Mini-Episode 2: “Farewell to Trivia
SAFTWR 22: “Bored of Canada
SAFTWR 23: “Hearing Voices

Update: The sound collage project now has a name. The series will be called “Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand”, a title suggested by @Dead_Pixels_ on Twitter.


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