Let’s Wait to React to the Doctor’s New Companion

This morning, the BBC announced the actor who will play the Doctor’s next companion on Doctor Who. It will be Jenna-Luise Coleman, a name familiar to fans of Emmerdale and Waterloo Road. She will make her debut on Doctor Who in this year’s Christmas special.

However, it’s a name I’m unfamiliar with, as I’ve never really seen either of those shows.

The natural inclination of the DW fan community is to react right now, and pass judgment of the actor without seeing or knowing anything of the character she’ll be playing. We won’t be seeing her character until Christmas Day, actually.

So, it’s a bit silly to react right now. I’ll wait to react until I’ve seen her on the show, and a few episodes have passed, and she’s well into the show.

I guess this is just me saying, that section of the DW fan community that is already reacting, calm down, please. They’ve not yet filmed her first episode, even.

I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, when the BBC said they’d be breaking this news today, that I’d like for the new actor to remain a secret until the episode airs. Wouldn’t that be nice, for the new companion to be a surprise, revealed when the episode airs? Of course, knowing how there are people among the DW fanbase that actively stalk filming locations, take pictures, record video, and upload it all to the Internet, the BBC realized they couldn’t keep this a secret.

However, this next idea would be neat: what if Coleman weren’t really the next companion? What if her character just stayed around for an episode or two, or three, then went away when the real next companion showed up, and the BBC managed to keep that under wraps? That’d be excellent.

In the RTD era, the thing was to go almost immediately from one companion to the next. No sooner was Rose off in that alternate reality than Donna Noble appeared in the TARDIS, and then, following that adventure, the Doctor met Martha. No sooner had Martha left, and the Doctor had that adventure on Starship Titanic, than the Doctor met Donna again. Moffat can do better than that. He can give us two or three episodes as a buffer before the Doctor meets and sets off with a new companion.

Anyway, just me, giving my thoughts on this new actor announcement. I don’t have anything to base an opinion of Coleman on, I just think she’ll do well. My basis for this is that Steven Moffat chose her for the role. Moffat chose Matt Smith to play the Doctor, and Arthur Darvill to play Rory the Roman. Moffat has a good track record for casting actors. I can’t wait to find out who Jenna-Louise Coleman will play, and where Moffat will take the character.

I will dearly miss Rory the Roman, though.


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