Games I Don’t Think Anyone Remembers – Mega Man for DOS

Sure, you’ve played the main-series Mega Man games for the NES, Game Boy, and Wii/PS3/360. But did you ever play the Mega Man games for DOS? Were you even aware that the DOS had a couple MM games?

Oh god, why?

(Also, I guess the use of “metal” on that box cover is a pun on mettle)

Yes, DOS had two MM games. Neither were developed by Capcom. The only involvement Capcom had with these games was licensing the property to Hi-Tech Expression, where Steven Rozner programmed and designed the DOS versions.

DOS saw Mega Man and Mega Man III. Where did MM2 go? You know what, thank the Light MM2 wasn’t “ported”.

You see, these games weren’t exactly ports of their NES counterparts. Rather, these games had their own stages and bosses. MM1 was somewhat kind in that it only had three bosses, actually, as opposed to the standard eight that the NES games have.

Here we have SonicMan, VoltMan, DynaMan. DynaMan looks rather happy. Why should we fight someone who looks so happy? Also, I’m surprised SonicMan doesn’t look as much like a hedgehog as I might have expected. VoltMan, however…what was Rozner going for with that boss? Voltron? I don’t know.

The stages are broken. Keyboard controls here just don’t work that well. You can’t easily run, gun, and jump, which are essential for a Mega Man game. The music is a horrible mess, just a mix of the worst sounds a PC sound card back then could make.

Then there’s the game itself. Apparently the game can’t keep track of enemies after they go off-screen. This leads to enemies respawning instantly after the area you killed them is off-screen. Should you need to backtrack, or the stage leads you to areas near where you previously traveled, get ready to fight those same enemies all over again.

There are also little-to-no healing items in this version. I hope you like that game over screen.

I remember playing this in my childhood. I played MM2 and MM3 on the NES, and, seeing these, expected more of the same fun I had on the originals. I was so let down by these. The gameplay is completely broken, the stages are poorly designed, the enemy respawn rate is too damn high. I never made it to any of the bosses. (I don’t want to refer to any of these bosses as Robot Masters. I really don’t)

Then we had Mega Man III for DOS, completely skipping MM2. This game actually had six bosses.

Oh hey, it’s Shark Man. Hasn’t Syfy done a movie about that? Actually, let’s not give them any ideas, in case they haven’t. Also, there’s Oil Man.

I never played this game. After suffering through the first one, I was sure I couldn’t handle all the fun and excitement of this one. So I never played it.

So there you have it, Mega Man on DOS. Two horrible games that did happen. The fewer people that remember these, the better.


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