C³ Anime Review

C³ is an anime series that ran for 12 episodes late last year, starting in October. The manga began last April, and is ongoing. It’s also the second of three series that I started watching back in autumn, and tried to keep with, but in the end just drifted away from. I watched the rest of the series last night, and, well…here’s my review.

C³: Cube-Cursed-Curious is about a high school student who is sent a mysterious box from his father, who is traveling overseas. The box transforms into a girl with all sorts of special abilities in battle. Turns out the girl, named Fear, is a manifestation of torture devices used centuries ago, and can use super-powered versions of those torture devices in battle. Fear wants to be rid of the curse that plagues her, and she does this by being kind to others.

There are other ancient cursed tools lingering around that have manifested into human form, and not all of them are good. Most of the series is about Fear and her friends’ battles against these other cursed tools.

Visually, this series is fantastic. Every scene is saturated with vibrant color, and that’s one reason I kept watching. “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude the colors are just wooooooooooooooooooooooooow” kind of thing. Yeah. That.

The battles are well done and fun to watch. Considering that’s the crux of the show, it’s well enough that that is the case.

The show has its share of humorous moments. Given that AnimeNewsNetwork includes ecchi in this show’s themes, you can guess where a lot of that humor comes from. So if you’re into that, then…yeah.

C³ was enjoyable enough. One problem I had was with the final episode. Not to spoil anything, but the plot is left open at the end, enough that a second series of this seems probable. I’ve not read anything about this getting a second series, but I’d not be surprised if it got one.

So. Action. Ecchi moments. Battles. Flashy, vibrant colors all over the place! Yeah. All sorts of stuff in this series. I’d recommend it. It’s not the greatest series I’ve ever seen, but it was okay. It’s only twelve episodes, so it doesn’t take that long to watch.


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