Games I Need to Finish

The other day I was looking through my collection of video games, and noticed several that I’ve started but never finished, for one reason or another.

What games are those, you ask? Well, that’s what this is about.

First, there’s Okami. I have the Wii version (and yes, I see that the box art is straight from IGN), and it’s actually a rather enjoyable game, mainly because it feels so much like a Legend of Zelda game, a franchise I’ve always been a fan of. However, the game can be vague in telling you about your next destination, something that caused me to lose interest when I got the game last year. I picked the game up yesterday, and, having no idea where I was to go next, decided to start a new file (I wasn’t that far into the game anyway, so not much progress was lost). Maybe this time I’ll see this game through to the end. We’ll see.

Next, there’s Eternal Sonata. This RPG is one of two that I’m borrowing from a cousin, so I should probably finish it sometime soon. Anyway, this is definitely a JRPG, as that box art should scream as soon as you look at it. I love the visual style of the game, though. This game’s story focuses on the Polish romantic pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin, which I thought was a rather interesting decision. What’s this? An anime-style game with a famous Polish composer from the 19th century as a main character? What is this madness? The gameplay is rather fun, with battle sequences that remind me of the Tales of… franchise (though I’ve only played one game in that series, that being Tales of Symphonia on the GCN, and damn do I love that game).

I played this game up until a boss battle against a pirate leader. The sudden rise in difficulty during that battle caught me off guard and I realized I probably needed to level grind. I never got around to level grinding, and that game got put to the side as life happened. Considering I’m borrowing that game from a cousin, I should probably get back to finishing it.

Next on the list is the other game I’m borrowing from that same cousin, this game being The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I’ve not played any entries in the Elder Scrolls game, and I was lent this game soon after Skyrim was released. I do like the style of this game, and the freedom to explore anywhere and practically everywhere. There also seems to be consequences for various acts; for instance, I was exploring a shop in a city, and a door was locked, so I had to deal with that before exploring further, but for some reason a guard took interest in me at that point, so I had to flee the city, but the guard chased me all the way into the wild. I had to fight for my life, and I defeated the guard. However, the next time I stayed the night at an inn, some representative of a dark and evil guild approached me and said I was on my way to joining their order, and was given an order to kill a certain person. I didn’t know what was going on.

But it’s that freedom to explore that, I feel, hinders games like The Elder Scrolls. You can’t go into these games with a short attention span, and you can’t be impatient. After not playing for a while, I went back into it, but had no idea where I was going or what was going on. Sure, there’s a menu for quests, that gives details, but I’ve already forgotten major story details. This makes completing the game rather difficult.

I’ll have to finish this one soon.

Next is Borderlands. This is an odd game. On the surface it’s a first-person shooter, a genre I generally couldn’t care less about (an exception is the Metroid Prime trilogy, but I consider those more first-person adventure than FPS, if that makes any sense), but once you start playing, you’ll notice more traditional RPG elements (stat-building, leveling up, equipment and upgrades, and so on). So I’m a bit divided on this one. The first-person shooting is fun, but can become challenging quickly. There are the RPG elements, which I’m right at home with, so that’s okay. The story is intriguing, and the setting is one that I want to explore, so I can deal with the shooting.

Borderlands also has a nice visual style. It’s not gritty realism like you’d get with a generic FPS, but rather it has a somewhat comic-book feel to it. It’s a pleasant change to what I usually see in FPS games (and one reason I generally avoid them).

Borderlands is a game I would like to finish, but I keep getting killed. I’m not the best at aiming on these games, and I don’t shoot quickly enough. I prefer to take my time with things (something the Metroid Prime games allowed me to do). We’ll see how this goes.

Then there are games I have, but haven’t yet started. This includes two DS games, Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest IX. I’m letting someone else play through them first. (On a side note, DQ IX only has one save file. Why’d you do that, SquareEnix, when previous DQ games have had three save files? That doesn’t make sense to me)

So. Games I need to finish. There are probably some that I’m forgetting (such as Bayonetta, Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy XIII and Infinite Undiscovery, but there you have it.


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