“Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai” Anime Review

I’m catching up with some anime I’ve been falling behind on. I started earlier this week with C^3: Cube-Cursed-Curious, then switched over to ぼくは友達が少ない (Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai). Both series ran for twelve episodes in the autumn, 2011 season.

BTS, as I’ll refer to it in short, is a slice-of-life comedy about two high school students, neither of which have any friends. They start a club specifically for students who have no friends and whish to meet people. Various other students join and shenanigans ensue.

There’s quite a bit of ecchi fodder in this series, of course, but it doens’t detract from how enjoyable the series is, overall. It’s actually quite amusing.

Anyway, the characters are amusing, and by halfway through the series I was already noticing how many episodes were left and realizing I’d actually miss the characters. Watching the characters become friends, and staying with the club over summer break, I realized this was more than just an ecchi series, that there was a solid story behind the series.

There’s an underlying plot throughout the series, where the main character, Kodaka, is remembering a friend he used to know a decade earlier at school, but moved away and never saw again. The resolution to this storyline is rather obvious, and I spent most of the series wondering why he hadn’t put the pieces together. Seeing this resolved in the final episode was something I rather enjoyed, and it even brought some tears to my eyes (also owing to that being the final episode).

The various production elements in this series (art style, animation, voice acting) were all well done. The OP and ED (intro and outro) were amusing.

On a side note, after watching the final episode, I looked into the manga. While I’ve not read any of the manga, I discovered that the anime has gone beyond where the manga is in the story (as of this writing, the manga is about halfway through the anime’s story). I was hoping for a continuation of the anime story, and maybe the manga will deliver (or maybe the anime will be picked up for a second series).

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this series. I liked the characters. I liked the story of friendship, and remaining friends. The last episode left me wanting more, and I do hope it gets a second series.

This series gets my recommendation. AnimeNewsNetwork themes this as “afterschool club, Ecchi, Harem, school”. It has been licensed by Funimation.


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