Remembering Hugo

Last year, I wrote an article for this blog discussing the DOS game Hugo’s House of Horrors. Some people remembered playing the game, which was good to hear.

This past week, I decided to upload playthroughs of the Hugo games, after realizing I could record footage in DOSBox. I’ve not added audio commentary to these (mainly because my video editing program doesn’t seem to like the .ZMBV codec that DOSBox uses for video recording). So far, I’ve uploaded playthroughs of the first two Hugo games (Hugo’s House of Horrors and Hugo 2: Whodunit?). I’ll get around to the third and final game, Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom, soon.

The playthrough of Hugo 2: Whodunit? ended up being in four parts, and here’s the first entry:

So there you go, two DOS games from my childhood. (Note: the second part of my Hugo 2 playthrough features rather neat cameo appearances of two characters from something else entirely)


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