Gaming Streams and Twitch.TV

Of late, I’ve been watching various gaming streams on Twitch.TV. The site began as an offshoot of, and focuses entirely on people streaming video games.

I’ve seen three main types of people streaming games on Twitch.TV. There are gaming tournaments, which I rarely watch, there are people speedrunning various games, under various conditions (so called “any%”, where the point is just to complete the game as quickly as possible, 100% runs, and bingo games, where participants use randomly generated bingo cards to complete various tasks on their game (the game is usually Zelda: Ocarina of Time)), and there are people playing video games just to have fun and entertain those watching, via the game and just generally conversing with viewers.

I was introduced to via MonotoneTim’s stream. This was around when launched the Twitch site. Tim described the purpose of the new site, that it would be devoted entirely to video game streams.

Well, it wasn’t until earlier this year that I decided to peruse the site and see what games were being streamed.

I’ve since come across some entertaining individuals, including Siglemic (he only speedruns Super Mario 64, but seeing all the tricks he uses in the game can be entertaining), Cosmowright (he mainly speedruns Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but does speedrun other games), XylemTube (plays Sonic and Battlefield 3, along with all sorts of other games), and the list goes on.

This isn’t just to discuss people I watch on Twitch, it’s also to mention my own attempts at streaming games. I have a channel on Twitch, and I’ve tried streaming things, without much success. I’ve left a sample video on my feed there, showing how my audio just wasn’t at any acceptable level. I don’t understand why, unless it’s my upstream not being enough to handle video and audio, but the more likely explanation is XSplit, the program I’ve been trying to use to broadcast. XSplit is probably garbling the audio somehow. This is rather frustrating, since my audio comes through perfectly clear on Skype or X Lite (the latter being the app I use to call in to TalkShoe).

However, I can get audio from the computer to play clearly. Back on Halloween 2011, I tried streaming all of Marble Hornets, by playing the files on my computer. The only problem there was my upstream wasn’t good enough, and there was significant lag. So, XSplit doesn’t play well with my microphone, that’s what I’ve determined.

Anyway, that’s Twitch, and my attempt at doing streams.


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