Video Game Marathons (late-August through November) Revisited

Pretty much all of those gaming marathons I described in an earlier post have concluded, by now. Let’s recap how they all did!

First off, Rupeethon went for a bit over 80 hours and raised $4,111.14 for Child’s Play Charity. Great work, guys, even with the incident with the stove that caused everyone to evacuate the basement. (Which was amusing, but I’m glad nothing happened from that.) I’m noticing a banner on your site that lists eight Zelda games (TLoZ, ALttP, OoT, MM, TMC, WW, TP, and SS). Is this a hint for Rupeethon III? If so, awesome.

Next…oh, the ExtraLives Bootleg Bonanza marathon, which was unfortunately cut short by a hurricane. I’m still not sure what became of the results of that marathon, but they raised about $3,350 for Free the Children, a charity that builds schools in developing nations. There’s actually not been any activity from ExtraLives since then, so…who knows? Well, MonotoneTim streams on occasionally.

Anyway, next up is the NESIT Mario Marathon, from back in early September. Remember these guys? They played through a bunch of Mario games, and raised $3,582 for Child’s Play. They were an entertaining bunch to watch, and I look forward to their next marathon. I don’t see any details on that yet, but I’ll let you know.

Then we had the Mega Man for Healing marathon in mid-September. These guys played through most of the Mega Man games (they got partway through 9), and raised $4,120 for Child’s Play. They also raffled off some really cool stuff. Stuff is always cool. Their marathon went on for two days, eight hours, and 30 minutes. Great job, guys, you were also very entertaining (especially with those pictures that were brought in towards the end of the marathon).

Team Brocket did their own Zeldathon a few months back, but I can’t find any information regarding their donation total. I’m sorry I can’t find that information. They were raising money for the psychiatric pediatric unit of the Kelowna General Hospital, which used the funds in a similar manner that Child’s Play would have.

Next in that article, I mentioned the ZeldaGamesAid marathon, done by a group of guys in the UK. This marathon only recently happened, concluding around the UK release of Skyward Sword. The hosts of this marathon were rather entertaining to watch, though I did slack off in watching when they were playing Skyward Sword. ZOMG spoilers. Anyway, they went for nearly 200 hours, playing through most of the Zelda franchise, and raised about £1,273.16 for charity. (For those playing along at home, that’s about $1,997 or so. Very entertaining, guys. Hope you do another marathon.

Only just recently completed is the second annual Mass Effect marathon, which raised $20,600.01 for Child’s Play. I wasn’t able to watch much of this marathon, but what I was was rather entertaining. Lots of shenanigans and such. Great work, guys.

Last but definitely, *definitely* not least is Desert Bus for Hope 5, one of the original (and most successful) video game marathons for charity. The LoadingReadyRun crew bussed for 6 days and 6 hours, raising $379,385 for Child’s Play, easily breaking their record from last year. Anything more said by me about them is just another voice lost in a vast sea of fans of that marathon.

So there you have it, all of the recent (recent meaning back to late August) charitable video game marathons recapped, now that they’ve all been and gone. Fantastic work, all of you.


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