Gaming Marathons for Charity, August 2011

August is almost upon us, and there are more gaming marathons on the way from various groups. As I type this, GameToAid is just concluding their Mario & Friends Marathon to benefit World Youth International. So, what’s on the schedule for August?

First up is The Renaissance Wolf WWS Minithon. Technically it starts on 30 of July, but that’s close enough to the August timeframe. They’ll be playing the following games:
2-Rainbow Dash Attack
4-Learn to Fly
6-Feed the Panda
7-Secret of the Magic Crystal
8-Pokemon Red/Blue
World of Zoo: Creature Creator (In-betweenie game)

All proceeds raised from this marathon go to benefit White Wolf Sanctuary.

Tim Troppoli, with the ExtraLives group, is planning a marathon in August. Nothing is official yet, either in terms of when (likely late August) or what they’ll be playing (maybe playing bootleg/pirated games). More on this when details are settled.

This post will be updated with information on additional marathons as I hear about them, so stay tuned.


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