Better Late Than Never: A Review of Marble Hornets Season 1 DVD

Earlier this year, Troy and Joseph, the duo behind the YouTube series Marble Hornets, compiled and released the entries from the first season of their project on DVD. The announcement was preceded by a blog entry which presented box art in the form of a puzzle.

Over on the UnFiction Forums, people were in two groups: one group liked the idea, the other complained that it broke the immersion of the story. I’m of the former group.

The DVD set contains two discs. The first disc contains extra features, such as deleted/unused footage, and a blooper reel. A nice amount of extra footage, though it clearly isn’t everything that the Marble Hornets guys have. They refrained from including anything that shined light on how the Operator costume was done. There are limits to how much they were willing to break immersion.

The second disc contains the first 26 entries and all of ToTheArk’s responses from the first season, along with an optional commentary track. What’s interesting about the commentary is that they do not make direct remarks about ToTheArk’s responses. Rather, they make random jokes over them. Again, they want to keep some things a secret, which is nice. The commentary is amusing to listen to, especially if you listen from the Intro video on through to the end of the season.

The DVD is available for $12. Of course, the entries (both main series and ToTheArk’s responses are all up on YouTube, free to view, so the question becomes, is the DVD worth it? That depends on how much of a fan you are of the series. If you’ve been following the updates on YouTube, and on Twitter, you’ve probably already obtained a copy. The extra features are worth the price, even if there could’ve been more in the blooper reel, or more deleted scenes.

Of course, I still recommend using the YouTube pages to introduce the series to new people. It’s the easiest way (and it’s free). The DVD set could’ve contained more features, but what’s there is quite nice, especially as no one really expected Troy and Joseph to release a DVD for Marble Hornets.

In the end, this DVD set becomes a neat little collector’s item, and owning a copy says how much of a fan you are of Marble Hornets. I’d say it’s worth the purchase, but that’s just me.


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