E3 2011 is now in the past, what did we get?

This year’s E3 has come and gone, so now it’s time to review what happened, what the big announcements are, and what kind of shenanigans went down.

The big focus, as always, was the pre-show press conferences.

Microsoft chose to focus on the Kinect peripheral for the XBOX 360. Pretty much every game they announced and discussed featured the Kinect in some way. They even announced that Minecraft is making its console debut on the 360 and will make use of Kinect.

Outside of Microsoft’s press conference, they announced improvements to their cloud storage functionality, allowing users to upload profile data and game saves to the cloud. Odd that this wasn’t mentioned at all during their conference.

Sony was up next, and Tretton talked for a bit at the start about the PlayStation Network “outages”. He apologized to developers and retailers, and somewhat to consumers. He failed to acknowledge that it was hackers who were responsible. As far as he was concerned, with his speech, it was just a mistake that had occurred. Guh.

Anyway, Sony continued their conference, announcing a PlayStation-branded 3D TV, and eventually unveiling the NGP, officially called PSVita, which is a new portable system. PSVita finally has a touchscreen, and can switch video feed from the TV to itself. It also has some phone capabilities, apparently, and you’ll have AT&T as a carrier. Yes. Quite. Remember Apple?

Then we had the one conference practically everyone was waiting for: Nintendo’s. They were confirmed to be revealing their new home console, the successor to the Wii, and the rumor mill was in overdrive here. It would have a touchscreen built into the controller. It would be hi-def. It would do magical things. it would give you a pony or a unicorn.

First, they talked about upcoming 3DS titles, ranging from Starfox to Ocarina of Time 3D, to Luigi’s Mansion 2, and so on.

The Wii U was revealed. The console itself wasn’t really shown, but the controller was. It looks like an iPad with a controller around it, and looks to be quite promising in changing up games just as the Wii did.

I’ve been perusing all the press material from Nintendo’s E3 press site, and I’ll be posting comments on them shortly.


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