Doctor Who: Series Six Questions, Theories [SPOILERS]

I’m just gonna put the rest of this entry under a cut, because this entry is heavy into spoiler territory. If you’ve not seen “Impossible Astronaut”/”Day of the Moon”…


The Silents were up to something, but what? What were they doing? Who was in the spacesuit there at the lake at the start of Impossible Astronaut? Who’s that girl who regenerated at the end of “Day of the Moon”? What the hell is going on here?

I’ve got a theory.

The Silents are trying to create a Time Lord. They’re trying to create their own TARDIS. The spacesuit keeps the Time Lord creation alive and prevents regeneration. So obviously that girl at the end who regenerated is the girl from the spacesuit (but maybe not who was in the spacesuit who killed the Doctor). She was a Time Lord kid created by the Silents through some experiment. Apparently a successful experiment.

The orphanage or whatever was a base the Silents were using the create and raise this Time Kid.

Silents will fall, though. What does that mean? Or Silence will fall. Why would they predict their own downfall? This isn’t the end of the Silents, they will be returning.

Then again, wasn’t it mentioned that the Silents don’t create on their own, they rather take things created by others and twist them? Took a girl and modified her via this suit into a Time Lord.

We were never told the Silents ultimate goal in this story, but I have my theory.


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