Cultdom Collective and RaT Project Commentaries

Just a reminder, I’ve been co-hosting on the Cultdom Collective‘s Commentary episodes. I joined on for their commentary on The Eleventh Hour, being the first episode of this year’s Doctor Who series. Besides commentaries for that show, I’ve co-hosted on commentary for the finale episode of Ashes to Ashes.

Also, over on my own podcast, The RaT Project, I’ve started a series of commentaries on the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime series. My co-host there is @Inventrix, a friend from Twitter. There is one episode of that out thus far, for the first episode. I hope to do some more soon.

The Cultdom commentaries can be found on their feed, in iTunes or most major podcast directories. Likewise, you can find The RaT Project commentaries on my feed, in iTunes or other podcast directories.

Fun stuff.


One thought on “Cultdom Collective and RaT Project Commentaries

  1. daveac June 22, 2010 / 21:07

    And a great co-host Mike is too on the Dr Who Cultdom Commentaries.
    With myslf daveac and Ian ‘the6thdoctor’ Mike rounds up a well balanced mix of fans bringing a lively chatter and insights to the table.

    Once the current Matt Smith series has ended we hope to return with more commentaies from the 9th and 10th Doctor seasons.

    Cheers, daveac

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