After 9 Years, 8-Bit Theater Concludes

8-Bit Theater, a sprite comic loosely based on the first Final Fantasy game, has finally drawn to a close. The webcomic began in 2001, and was done by Brian Clevinger, who has gone on to be involved with a number of comic book franchises, including Atomic Robo.

In a blog post early last month, Clevinger discussed the upcoming epilogue, and how it should be done as one episode, rather than a string of shorter episodes. “Work on the 8-bit EPICLOGUE continues at full steam ahead. I’m gonna wait until the whole thing is done to post it though. It was written as a single piece, it should be read as one too.”

The Epilogue is actually not a sprite-comic style, as opposed to the series’ norm. The episode brings the series to a close rather nicely, with a lot of in-jokes in the background for long-time fans of the webcomic.

I’ve been a fan of 8-Bit Theater since early 2004, when I came across it in a “computer applications 2” course back in high school. I had little to do in that course, since I finished all of the extremely easy assignments rather quickly, so I spent my time perusing webcomics and browsing forums. This and Bob & George were the two main webcomics I was reading.

I liked the sprite comic style, and near the end of 2004, at my first semester at University, I decided to do my own webcomic, also as a sprite comic. 8-Bit Theater and Bob & George were my main two inspirations for deciding to do that (there’s also the fact that I can’t draw all that well).

So, thank you, Brian Clevinger, for 8-Bit Theater. The epilogue was a fitting end to an outstanding webcomic.


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