Kring Confirms Heroes’ Miniseries Talks

Digital Spy reports that Heroes‘ creator Tim Kring is in talks with NBC to make a final miniseries to conclude his show.

The miniseries will take place a year after the conclusion of Volume Five: Redemption (season four), and will see Claire (Hayden Panettiere) become a spokesperson for people with abilities.

Heroes was confirmed canceled last month at NBC’s up-fronts for their fall 2010 schedule. At around that time, there were rumors of other ways NBC might carry on Heroes instead of canceling it. One proposed finale for the show was a thirteen episode miniseries. Another was a two-hour movie. Looks like one of these might get the go-ahead, regardless of the show being officially canceled.

Heroes‘ cancellation shouldn’t have come as a surprise to any of its fans, and definitely wasn’t a surprise to the show’s critics. The show never recovered the audience numbers it had with the first half of its first season. The Writer’s Guild of America strike, partway into the show’s second season, didn’t help either. Kring cut the second season short with an abrupt conclusion. The third season, presented as two volumes that were quite different from each other, struggled to recapture fans, but didn’t quite succeed. The fourth season, presented as one entire Volume, came the closest to recapturing the feel of the first season.

Running concurrent with the show, NBC ran a series of graphic novel chapters on their website. The original premise of the graphic novel chapters was to expand on the show. These went on to present original characters not seen in the show (though some characters became important on the show), and their own original story arcs. There is now discussion among fans about whether or not the graphic novels should continue in their own right.

However this plays out, Heroes had a good run. I’m of the opinion that the fourth and final season was just about up to the standard set by the first season. I’m also of the opinion that Heroes ended on a good note, and there should be no further mini-series.

We’ll see how this plays out.


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