Sixth Series of Digimon to Debut in July

I just found out about this from reading Chartfag’s Summer 2010 chart. It looks like a new season of Digimon, called Digimon Xros Wars (Xros pronounced Cross) will premiere in July in Japan.

The following information is pulled from the Wikipedia page:

Three and a quarter years after the end of the fifth season, a new sixth series has been confirmed by Bandai for the Digimon anime. The official name of the series was revealed in the June issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine. It is set to air in Japan in July 2010 on TV Asahi. Among the Digimon to be included in this new series are Shoutmon (the main character’s partner), Dorurumon, Varistormon, Greymon, Monitormon, and Shoutmon x4. Early pictures demonstrate that the character designs in Xros Wars will be more like the first four seasons than the ones seen in Data Squad, and the main character will wear a pair of goggles like those worn in the first four seasons, which were absent in the fifth. The premiere of this new series will coincide with a series of straps that will be sold in capsule toy vending machines by the end of July.


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