All Sorts of Random Stuff.

Hello, everyone, this is Rand al’Thor speaking. Just thought I’d come on and chat about a few random things. First of all, I love how Friday Night Trivia is going so far. Ten episodes down and it’s become something I look forward to hosting at the end of each week, and I thank everyone who shows up. This past Friday was another round of word puzzles, and I would like to think I actually went Easy Mode that time, but we all know how that is. I’m definitely looking forward to this coming Friday; I’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for that night, and breaking in some rather neat new rounds. What are they? Stay tuned, everyone!

Elsewhere, other things are going on. I’m still taking part in Cultdom Collective’s Doctor Who episode commentaries. I hear those have been getting a lot of positive feedback. Thanks for listening, everyone. On another podcast, The Media Outsiders, where I’m a co-host on the Sunday night shows, I’m leading a discussion on anime and manga next Sunday night, being May 23rd, starting at 10PM EST. Be sure to tune in for that. I’ve got quite a bit lined up to talk about, from why I like anime and manga so much, to favorite series, and more. I look forward to that.

Lest I forget, I should also mention some other things. Mario Marathon is starting on June 25th, not long after E3 wraps up. There’s going to be an early show for Mario Marathon, though, on May 23rd, starting at noon EST. Tune in as those guys play Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the first time (yes, that game is released on that same day). Another gaming marathon I’m a fan of, Desert Bus, is doing a Craft-Along in preparation for their event in late November. Check here to find out more, including how to mail your crafts in. So that’s that.

Perhaps I should focus a bit on stuff that is actually me. Well, I’m thinking of other things to do with my podcast, in addition to the live shows. I plan on doing some studio shows on various topics, including some episode commentaries. A couple of people have let me know they’re interested in joining me to do an episode commentary on the pilot episode of Heroes (which has just officially been canceled). So I need to organize that. That’s for The RaT Project. Over on Radio Free Caemlyn, I’m going to continue doing current event discussions (with musical interruptions) as I have been doing. Plus, whenever the need arises, I’ll discuss stuff in my actual life.

Meh, so that’s that. RaT Project goes live Saturday nights at 8PM EST, TalkShoe ID 21129. Radio Free Caemlyn goes live probably on Wednesday nights at 9PM EST at TalkShoe ID 72402 (plus normal Friday Night Trivia shows Friday nights at 9:30PM EST). I’ll pop on through the week on RFC to do my current event discussion shows.

Expect fun stuff in the coming weeks. There are also things I would like to do but am not yet able to do, for lack of having the necessary people located anywhere locally. One of those is a gaming marathon to benefit charity, which is something I’ve wanted to do ever since discovering Mario Marathon and Desert Bus for Hope. But that’s that. Just thought I’d give an update on things going on. Talk later, everyone.


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