Spring Cleaning, Prep. for Summer, New Projects.

So it’s the first full week of May, and Mother’s Day is this coming weekend here in the states. The spring semester at my University has come to a close (I wasn’t there this year, but I’ll be there in the fall), and attention is now focused on the long summer break. What’s gonna happen? What’s planned? What has been done?

Well, I’ve got quite a bit on my plate. As I type this, I’m also writing up the questions for tomorrow night’s word puzzle-themed Friday Night Trivia. It’s hard to believe that this will be the tenth FNT that I’ve hosted. Ever since the fourth Trivia, I’ve been writing my questions and answers out on paper, and keeping track of points the same way. I’ve been archiving those papers, and I’ve got quite a collection going so far. I’m amazed at how successful my Friday Night Trivia shows have been so far, and I’m hopeful they’ll continue to be so. I’m still working as hard to write good material, so it really comes down to who shows up. I love the rivalry going on between Ian and Dave of the Cultdom Collective.

Speaking of Cultdom, this starts a discussion on how I’ve been helping out on various other shows. For a long while, I’ve been a participant on the Cultdom Collective podcast, even going back to that other show, when I was on text chat only. Beyond calling in to the live shows on Sunday afternoons, I’m honored that Ian and Dave invite me on to studio shows on Sunday nights. Recently, I’ve been a third voice on their series fnarg episode commentaries, which are getting a lot of attention. I’m always glad to help out on that show however I can.

Another show that I help out on is Logan’s Run Live The Media Outsiders. This is Bruce’s new show, and goes out Saturday and Sunday nights. On the Saturday night shows, we review either Stargate Universe or Caprica, which airs the previous night on Syfy. On the Sunday night shows, we discuss TV shows, movies, and video games. Fun shows to host. I started out on that much as I did with Cultdom Collective, and Bruce has added me as a co-host, which is cool. I love discussing shows on Saturday nights, and we always have a pretty good crowd show up.

So that’s that. Of course, I’m doing The RaT Project Live on Saturday nights at 8PM EST. I’m also doing Friday Night Trivia over on Radio Free Caemlyn Friday nights at around 9:30PM EST. What else do I plan on doing with RFC? I use that as my general chat and news discussion channel, basically. Besides doing FNT, I randomly come on for shows wherein I discuss current events, be it actual news or stuff going on in my own life. RFC is a more free-form format that RaT Project.

I’ve also started doing Let’s Play videos. For those not familiar, Let’s Play is basically a series of videos wherein a person plays through a video game and comments as they play along. Think of it as episode commentary but for video games. There are some cool hosts out there on YouTube (BillyMC, Nintendo CapriSun, Kikoskia, among others) and there’s Retsupurae, who love to jump on others’ LPs and make jokes. I actually like Retsupurae, and if they do a video or two on one of my LPs, I’ll know I’ve made it in that community. It’s kind of a rite of passage.

What else is there? I’m still working on my webcomic, “A Step Out of Phase”, and my own writings (short stories, poetry, my novel(s)).

I’ve worked out what I’m doing with my three blogs here on WordPress. Of course, there’s this blog, there’s RaT Network, and The Dragon’s Lair. This will be my general discussion blog, RaT Network will be all things involved with the podcast community (and Let’s Play), while Dragon’s Lair is for my creative writings.

So that’s what’s going on here. And now back to your regularly scheduled randomness.


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