Mega Man 10 Quick Review

This week saw the release of Mega Man 10 on WiiWare. Capcom’s latest entry in the original Blue Bomber franchise retains the look, sound, and feel of the NES games (and Mega Man 9). Does this game live up to 2008’s Mega Man 9, or does it fall by the wayside? Find out in my Quick Review!

In 2008, Capcom made a much-welcomed return to the 8-Bit era with Mega Man 9, a new entry in the original Blue Bomber franchise. The game had all the hallmarks of the franchise: Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, eight Robot Masters, Rush Coil and Rush Jet, and Dr. Wily’s Castle. This was a highly imaginative game that did a fantastic job of living up to the legacy of the series, even rivaling what is generally agreed to be the best in the series, Mega Man 2. The game added new features, such as the shop and a save feature. Overall, it was a fantastic game, and a wonderful revisit of the NES formula.

Now we have Mega Man 10, not to be confused with Mega Man X (which is a different franchise). The game retains the shop and save features that Mega Man 9 had, and, as standard for a Mega Man game, introduces eight new Robot Masters. (From a nitpicky point, this game breaks the unwritten rule of animal-themed Robot Masters only appearing in the X franchise with the inclusion of Sheep Man). Here we have Sheep, Blade, Pipe, Solar, Commando, Chill, Nitro, and Strike Man. As usual, each Robot Master is weak against the ability taken from another Robot Master. The fun part is figuring out the correct order to play through the stages. After that, you’ve got Dr. Wily’s Castle, which is four stages, wherein the final has you fighting the Robot Masters one after the other before fighting Dr. Wily in whatever contraption he faces you in.

There’s not much new in this game, compared to Mega Man 9, but what is new is worth getting excited over. First of all, Proto Man is a playable character by default, unlike MM9 where he was downloadable content. Secondly, you’ve got a choice of difficulty settings, between easy and normal. Easy mode essentially adds platforms over otherwise tricky jumps (Robot Masters are made slightly easier, as well). Challenges return from MM9, as well as mini-Challenges where you play through short stages made for different goals (jumping, running, gunning, etc).

Easy mode is a great way to learn the game’s stages, and learn which Robot Master is weak against which. Besides that, it’s a quick way to play through, although it doesn’t really unlock anything.

Now the main complaints. I said there wasn’t much new in this game. I believe Bass will be DLC eventually. But there’s not much new and exciting in this game. The stages are not as imaginative as MM9, but they’re still fun to play through. Dr. Wily’s Castle has a lot of neat surprises, however. The music is not that memorable.

For 1,000 points, it’s a good download. If you’re a fan of the Mega Man formula, you’ll like this game, no doubt about it. As far as being a challenging game, the difficulty doesn’t ramp up until Dr. Wily’s Castle.

I’ll end this Quick Review this way: I’ll give it a Recommended status of 4 Energy Tanks out of 5.


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