The RaT Project 35

The RaT Project 35
Show Notes
Stardate 091102.2009

Correction from last episode: I misidentified the two Peter Cushing Doctor Who movies. The first Cushing movie (Dr Who and the Daleks) was based on the first Dalek story from televised Who (The Daleks), whereas the second one (Daleks’ Invasion Earth – 2150 A.D.) was based upon the televised story “Daleks Invasion of Earth”. Thanks to @tdrury for pointing that out.

On to the News:

News Dept:
Hulu to charge for video in the coming year?
Nintendo Announces DSi LL
–Significantly larger screens, larger stylus
–There’s no real need for this redesign
–Existing games will suffer aspect ratio when played on DSi LL
—-For example, try playing GB/GBC games on GBA
Ubuntu 9.10 Comments
—-Definite improvement over 9.04
—-My audio problems have finally been fixed
—-Slight graphical glitches on dual-monitor display have been fixed
—-Compiz and \Emerald Theme Manager finally works on dual-display
——No “dead area” on right of display area
—-Error reporter repeatedly sends out automated emails to Ubuntu users
——Users report getting hundreds of emails about the same bug report
——Can’t easily unsubscribe to these emails
—-CairoDock uninstalled by default, as is Pidgin
–Ubuntu One seems promising, but I’ve not tried it yet

Main features for this episode are reviews of the Nintendo DS games Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and a spoiler-free review of the new Wheel of Time novel The Gathering Storm.

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