The RaT Project 32: Exciting Windows

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The RaT Project 32
Show Notes
Stardate 261002.2009

News Section:

Big Announcement on Nintendo Week feature for October 26 (on Nintendo Channel on Wii):
–Excitebike World Rally
Wii Shop News:
–Channel was out over the weekend for update
–Internet Channel is now free to download again
In other gaming news:
–PS3 to get Netflix movie streaming
–Rumors that XBOX 360 will get BluRay drives proven false
From the Tech News dept:
–Problems surrounding Windows 7 upgrades
—-“As of Monday morning, Microsoft had answered about 2600 questions that poured into support forum regarding upgrades. At last count, around 1400 questions remained unanswered.”
—-Problems “unpacking” from the student download
——Problem traced back to third-party software
——So problems still stem from pre-installed “bloatware”
—-Repetitive reboots upon upgrade/install
—-Product key problems
——Windows 7 won’t accept valid product keys
—-WinXP users choosing to upgrade to Win7 also having problems
—–No upgrade patch from WinXP to Win7
——Users must do clean installs
–Microsoft and Apple post business reports
—-Microsoft’s profits down, Apple profits up
–Ubuntu Linux 9.10 to be released Thursday, October 29
—-Just in time for the version numbering to be correct
——Number before the decimal refers to year, numbers after decimal refer to month
—-What’s new in Ubuntu 9.10?
——Ubuntu One client
——–The application allows registered users to share files between Ubuntu computers by simply dragging and dropping them into a folder in their home directory, or through a web interface.
From the Wheel of Time department:
–Tuesday, October 27 marks the release of “The Gathering Storm”
—-Book 12 of “The Wheel of Time”
–Myriad in-depth discussion on series can be found at

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Source URLs:

Windows 7 Problems:

What’s new in Ubuntu 9.10:

Ubuntu Press Release:

Songs used this episode:

Intro: Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone (Euroclub ’95 Mix)

News bumper: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Time of Falling Rain

Feature intro: The Weird Al Show Theme

Outro: The End of Problem Sleuth (from the Quickly Retrieved album)


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