The RaT Project 31: Do the Mario!

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On this week’s episode of The RaT Project, Rand takes a look at some of the latest news headlines.

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 7 tomorrow. Rand discusses the operating system, compares it with Windows Vista, and opines on the value of the operating system.

Verizon releases ads about their anti-iPhone smart phone.

Nickelodeon has just obtained global rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Expect a new TV series and feature film in 2012.

Mozilla has unblocked Microsoft.NET framework, after earlier blocking it.

Then Rand has another entry in his ongoing Wheel of Time discussion series. This time the focus is on Rand al’Thor, and what he might be up to in the concluding trilogy, specifically in the next book.

The final segment is another entry in his ongoing look at Saturday Morning Kids’ TV, with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Sure, this didn’t air on Saturday morning, but it falls in the criteria of nostalgic kids’ TV programming.

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