Out of Phase Reviews: Robot Chicken 4.16

Another week, another collection of random shorts on Robot Chicken.

As usual, the references run the gamut from easily recognizable to obscure, with stand-alone jokes thrown in for good measure.

Before going any further, I just want to say that I like the stop-motion animation style used in Robot Chicken. It works well with the fast-paced action that RC has.

So what’d we have on this episode? There was another G.I. Joe gag, another Jetsons gag, Dark Crystal rap gag, and a Batman gag, among others. I quite liked the Batman and Two Face bit. Great joke on the whole idea of Two Face as a character.

The rest of the show was somewhat enjoyable. Not the best overall episode of RC, but still enjoyable. As always, the bits on RC are only funny if you know the source material and, as such, get the joke.

Anyway, the rating:

I give Robot Chicken ep. 4.16 a 3…out of 5.


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