Out of Phase Reviews: Monk 8.04 “Mr. Monk is Someone Else”

Just as I’m a bit late with my review of Eureka‘s latest episode, so am I a bit late with my review of the latest episode of Monk. Without further ado, let’s get to the review.

I actually had to watch the teaser a second and third time to make sure I had seen what I thought I had seen. Apparently, Monk was hit by a bus!

This was explained soon enough. Apparently, it was a hit man who looked almost exactly like Monk. Also soon enough, Monk was recruited to stand in for the hit man, named Frank DePalma, after it was discovered DePalma had come to the area to kill someone. So Monk learns the guy’s file and assumes the role.

One of my favorite episodes of Monk is Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine, where medication has Monk in a completely different persona. This episode reminded me a lot of both that episode and Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized (wherein hypnosis has Monk in his seven-year old persona). It’s always fun to see Shalhoub performing some alternate persona for Monk, and this episode did not disapopint.

Throughout the episode, Monk gets more involved with the DePalma personality, and feels more comfortable with it. Seeing this transition, as well as Captain Stottlemeyer’s reaction, makes for entertaining television.

Notably absent from this episode (at least, far as I can remember) is the “Here’s what happened” bit, and the subsequent black-and-white flashback.

We’re in the beginning of the final season of Monk. While it’s a bit early yet to start reminiscing about the show’s highs and lows, I would already count this episode among the highlights.

Time for the rating.

I give Monk episode 8.04 a solid 5…out of 5.


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