Out of Phase Reviews: Eureka 3.16 “You Don’t Know Jack”

I know I’m a bit behind in getting this particular review up, but seeing as it hasn’t been a full week since this episode aired, I’m still on time.

Anyway, now for my review of the latest episode of the Syfy original series Eureka, episode 3.16.

First thing I notice with this episode is that it looks like it’s going to be a clip/recap show. Normally, I don’t like this as an episode format. If I want to know what’s happened so far in the series, I’ll go back and watch the episodes I’ve missed. Clip shows generally don’t move the plot ahead all that much, as the primary focus is on reviewing what’s happened so far.

That was mostly how it was with this episode of Eureka (a show that, invariably when I do Google searches for, I come up with search results for an anime series called Eureka Seven (I’ve seen most of that anime, and it’s quite good, actually)). Dr. Fontana has set up a new program to collect brain signatures of Eureka residents so she can store memories in a time capsule. At the same time, Global Dynamics is scheduled for a sonic cleaning, a process that will dissolve any organic matter left in GD’s buildings. What could possibly go wrong here?

Anyway, the main characters soon start losing memories after Fargo hacks into the memory system to see the memories involving him. Everyone who had one of the brain signal devices (which is everyone except the Carters) begin losing their memories.

At the same time, Carter is locked inside GD with Alison, with the sonic cleaning process about to start. And guess what? Alison has a brain signal device, so she starts losing memories.

Well, this was another enjoyable episode of Eureka, and the plot did advance a bit (though mainly just with Alison’s baby being born), but it was a clip show. As such, there was a lot of recap of things I had already seen, not a lot new.

Time for the rating.

I give Eureka 3.16 a 3…out of 5.


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