What’s Rand playing now?

And now for the first of the occasional section where I address various games I happen to be playing at the moment, and whether or not I recommend them.

Let’s start off on the DS!

I found Desktop Tower Defense for the DS recently, and decided to check it out. If you’ve played the online game, you already know what to expect here. It’s more of the same, just on the DS, so it’s more portable than before. The DS version allows you to customize various sprites that appear in the game, including the towers and the enemies. There is also a variety of game challenges to try.

Rand’s comment: It’s an enjoyable game; try to find it on the cheap somewhere, though.

I’ve finally gotten around to playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on the DS. Somewhat late to the game, I know, but not too terribly late. I’ve played (and enjoyed) both Fire Emblem games on the GBA (never got around to playing the GCN and Wii titles), so I was looking forward to Shadow Dragon. I’m up to Chapter 7 right now, but then I let my mom begin a file. She’s been playing the game more than I have, and she’s already made more progress than I have in the game.

Rand’s comment: Definitely pick this game up, especially if you like challenging games and can handle frustration

Another game I’ve been playing is Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. The fact that it’s a SquareEnix-published title caught my attention, and I’m finding this to be a rather enjoyable game. It’s another tactical game, meaning you and your opponent take turns moving your units individually around the map, picking fights. What makes this more fun is how the actual fights play out: you control each unit, and can bring multiple units into a fight if you line them up correctly. This leads to all manner of super-special-ultimate-can’t-touch-this attacks with flashier-than-thou special effects. Apparently there is also a story in here somewhere…

Rand’s Comment: F***yeah Seaking, Tactical game!

And I’ve been playing more on Pokemon Platinum Version.

Rand’s Comment: F***yeah Seaking, I’m not training any Seaking!

Now, over on the Wii, it’s been a mixed bag of titles.

The only Wii title I’ve been playing recently is Animal Crossing: City Folk. I finally got a copy of this game back in July, and I’m already up to the final house expansion. Late last week I finally got Nookington’s in my town. Yay for Animal Crossing.

Rand’s Comment: Who cares about Sims? Animal Crossing is where it’s at!

Since the Wii is the ultimate backwards compatible machine for Nintendo consoles (and other legacy consoles, thanks to Virtual Console), I’ve been playing older games. In particular, I’ve been trying to complete Pikmin 2. I’ve beaten the main story of the game (meaning I’ve collected the 1,000 Pokos debt), and am now attempting to rescue Louie (after what was perhaps the most forced story element in any game I’ve ever played). But you know what? Pikmin 2 is a damn fun game, and quite addicting. Don’t eat my Pikmin, you damn Bulbax!

Rand’s Comment: Pikmin 2 is very addictive, and a very awesome game.


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