Mega Man 9 secret still not uncovered

According to a recent interview with Seth Killian of Capcom-Unity, the major secret in the WiiWare title Mega Man 9 has yet to be discovered by gamers.

“I check in with the nugget hunt on the regular. Nobody has found it,” he told Destructoid. Talking about all the guesses and speculation that gamers have posted online (a common guess of late is that the secret might be a connection between MM9 and one of the NES Mega Man games), he added, “But even so that thread is like the greatest compendium of Mega Man trivia of all time—great stuff. At any rate, yes, it is cooler than those really obscure similarities”

Will this secret ever be uncovered? I’m sure it will eventually, but in the meantime, it’s fun to speculate about what this secret might be.


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