Cultdom Collective Podcast launched, with special guest

This past Sunday afternoon, the new podcast series Cultdom Collective was launched on TalkShoe.

Began as a response to the inactivity on the part of CIA: Cultdom in Audio show creator West Hubbard, Cultdom Collective is a weekly live discussion show on all things sci-fi, including television, movies, books, games, and more.

The launch episode brought into focus the format of the new show, with a lengthy talk on how the show will run. The main topic of the first episode was, appropriately enough, series premieres of favorite cult shows.

The first episode featured a special guest, that being Louis Trapani, one of the hosts of Doctor Who Podshock. Trapani joined in on the show’s discussion.

The launch episode is available to download either on the TalkShoe site or on iTunes store. Other ways to keep in touch with the show are to follow it on Twitter, @cultdom, or you can keep up with latest news on the show’s site,

The first show was a success, and here’s hoping for many more to come.


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