Monster Hunter 3 launches new Wii controller color in Japan, fuels rumor of new console color

This week in the Japanese video game market began with the release of a new title for Wii, Monster Hunter 3. Perhaps this would’ve gone otherwise unnoticed were it not for a console/game bundle being offered.

The first alt-colored Wii console was released alongside MH3, as a bundle offer with the game. The bundle came with a black Wii classic controller Pro and a copy of MH3.

MH3 trumped sales of Wii Sports: Resort this week, with three different bundles each selling totals around 180,000. One bundle came with a standard classic controller, one with a black classic controller, and the last was just the game itself.

I would like it if the new controller color was a hint that Nintendo might release an alt-colored Wii console but, if they haven’t done that by now, it probably won’t happen.

EDIT: Corrected the title of this article.


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