New Heroes Trailer: Hints and Details

The first trailer for the new volume of Heroes was debuted at this year’s San Diego ComicCon. The three-minute trailer also includes a lot of minute hints at what to expect this season, beyond the obvious story clues.

My detailed summary of the trailer can be found after the jump:

The trailer starts off with what we’ve been told is a “carnival” group, an association of people with abilities who’ve learned to hide in the open. We see the leader of this group, Samuel, talking to the others, and he mentions how he and his brother, Joseph, have had two families, and the first one didn’t work out too well. I assume that ill-fated family to be the Petrellis, given what’s happened so far in the series. But who is this Joseph? Was he really a Petrelli? Is that ill-fated family even the Petrellis? I don’t think we’ve heard of a Joseph Petrelli at any point.

Moving on.

We then see Sylar asking, “Where are my manners?”, and leaning in to kiss Angela. Here’s what I think will be going on: Sylar will be stuck as Nathan, as per the conclusion of Volume Four, but when he’s thinking in terms of Sylar (as opposed to Nathan), we’ll see Sylar. When he’s in his Nathan persona, we’ll see Nathan.

Then there’s a quick shot of Angela in a diner, reeling from shock. I’m assuming she’s had a vision of something yet to come. This is followed by a closeup of Nathan, talking to Angela about noticing a lot of changes going on with him. This is what I’ve been expecting to happen: Nathan will begin to notice he suddenly has abilities he never had before, including (as we soon see, electrical surges).

So, within the first few episodes of this Volume, we can expect to see Nathan discover other abilities and, naturally, Sylar’s own persona will start to surface as he realizes what has happened to him.

Quick cut to Claire, and we see that she is off to college. Claire is telling Noah that she just wants to be normal. There is also a shot of her falling from a window. A bit later in the trailer, we see Claire discussing an idea with her roommate. The plan involves finding a dead body.

More of Samuel’s speech, talking about family. As he’s talking about family being a form of protection from the outside world, we see Claire coming to after falling on the ground. There is a chalk outline on the sidewalk. Here’s what I think is going on with Claire: she’ll be going along to college as per expectations, but once there, she’ll want to escape from there and help out others with abilities. Her plan is to fake a suicide, by getting hold of a dead body and leaving that behind after she’s been seen to jump from her dorm room window. Of course, that’s where logistics come into play: she can’t really be faking her own death, as the body is someone else’s. But there is a shot of Claire waving to her roommate, who is watching from the window. So the bottom line is, it looks like Claire is finding a way to get away from the college.

Actually, now that I think on it, it’s probably so she can find the carnival. Tim Kring has said that a story arc this volume will be people with abilities being drawn to this carnival to travel with them. We see that happening with Peter later on in the trailer.

Anyway, we then see Tracy talking with Noah. Tracy is remembering how she reformed, and is now out for vengeance against those who were hunting her and others last volume.

Then there’s a quick shot of Noah, having collapsed on a flight of stairs outside, and Peter rushing to the rescue. It seems Peter is back to being a paramedic, and we see him out to rescue a couple people in this trailer.

The voice-over continues, talking about everyone finding themselves at a fork in the road, and we see a “Welcome Freshmen” banner, as Claire arrives at college.

There’s a mention of one path being fear, and there’s a quick cut to someone who appears to be Samuel, and someone else being shoved against a wall. In that first cut, there’s a woman with a bare back. I’m assuming this to be the new character, Lydia. Her power has something to do with tattoos that appear on her back.

The voice-over then mentions the other road “being paved with redemption”, and we see Peter picking up and throwing aside a car door. This brings into question the status of Peter’s ability. Has he managed to develop the ability he had in Volume Four to a point where he can store several abilities at once? Or has he just been in contact with someone (likely Mohinder, who is absent from this trailer) who has super-strength? Either way, Peter tells the person in the crashed automobile that he’s there to save them. The person in the foreground appears to be Claire, bringing up more questions about what exactly she’s up to this time.

Then we see Claire’s roommate asking her (rather cheerfully) about where they’d be able to find a dead body.

Quick cut to a knife being held up to Noah’s face. I’m supposing the attacker is the new character, Edgar, who’s ability is super speed and likes playing with knives.

We then see Samuel talking with someone else from the carnival, and saying that he supposes he “left out the part about vengeance”. I guess the vengeance part is obvious, given last volume. But is there something else going on here? I think there might be.

Samuel then mentions that “there are others out there like us”, and how they’ll eventually join them. That echoes what Kring has said about the story arc involving a carnival that is drawing others with abilities to join them. What is the purpose and goal of this carnival? Who knows, at this point?

We then see a blonde woman (Tracy? Can’t really tell) walking into a building. Then we see Noah talking with Peter, asking him what he just did. Peter says he didn’t do anything. Peter is holding a compass (we see Samuel holding a compass a bit later in the trailer), and the needle is spinning around.

Here’s my guess: the compass will be the physical item that leads the different characters to the carnival. Samuel is able to lead them onward with the compass, somehow, but different characters will end up being given compasses that lead them to the carnival.

We then see Hiro teleporting into the carnival’s area. Hiro is holding a piece of paper. Cut to Lydia and Samuel. We see a tattoo of Hiro’s face appear on her back, and Lydia is saying that Hiro visited the carnival. When Samuel asks how long ago, Lydia responds that it was 14 years ago. We then see Hiro back at the carnival, and he encounters what appears to be a younger version of himself.

We then see Matt Parkman on the phone with Angela, saying that he is quitting cold turkey, that he’s out. Angela tells him there is no quitting what he’s involved in. Interestingly, she calls him “Detective”. Good advancement of Parkman’s story, assuming he’s made Detective by this volume.

We then see Samuel, holding out a compass, saying that it’s time for everyone to “find their way back home again”. This leads to my theory about the compasses.

Quick cut to Samuel approaching Hiro, saying that he thinks their “going to be great friends”.

What follows are a series of quick shots around different characters. Claire has a sniper dot on her, Lydia walks into a room, Ando is kissing someone, and we see that Danko is back, pointing a gun at someone. However, it seems that Danko won’t be back for long, as shortly thereafter we see him rather mortally wounded, apparently being attacked by Tracy.

Then there’s a quick shot of a body on the sidewalk. I’m guessing this is the dead body that Claire and her roommate were after. Furthermore, this is probably the corpse that Claire left behind after jumping.

Quick shot of a garbage truck chasing Peter down a narrow alleyway. Peter then flies up to a fire escape landing. This adds to my questioning what’s going on with Peter’s own ability at this point.

Another round of quick cuts: Hiro and Ando looking through a window, both happy at something, Claire reacting to the sniper dot, Noah in his car, water gushing in, Matt turning to see baby Matt Parkman, Samuel dealing with someone, Ando having strapped Hiro to a platform, and pushing him around, Angela looking around, Matt throwing a chair, and Nathan looking quite frustrated. This ends with a view from the grave the carnival members are gathered around (is it Joseph’s grave? Whoever Joseph is/was…)

After the logo, we have a closeup of Sylar, holding baby Matt (who looks quite afraid), saying that he wants his body back (this lends to my Sythar perspective theory from earlier).

And it ends with the title card, saying that Heroes will return Monday, 21 September at its earlier timeslot of 8PM EST.

So that’s about it for the trailer discussion. More info as it becomes available.


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