Doctor Who News: Tom Baker returns as the Doctor

The BBC have announced a series of five new audio dramas, featuring the return of Tom Baker to his role of the Doctor.

28 years after Logopolis aired, and the Doctor regenerated, Tom Baker is once again at the controls of the TARDIS. Five audio dramas will follow the Doctor in new adventures.

The first adventure, called The Stuff of Nightmares, will be released 3rd September, and be priced at £9.78. The story will be one hour in length, and on one CD.

The official description for the story is as follows:

Responding to an advert apparently worded for him alone, Captain Mike Yates (retired) is reunited with a ghost from the past. But why has the Doctor, that mysterious traveller in Time and Space, sent for his former UNIT acquaintance? Trapped by a horde of vicious creatures in an apparently innocuous English country cottage, the two old friends are on the brink of an enormous adventure. As the Doctor relates his recent escapades, it becomes clear to Mike that they – and the Earth at large – are facing an enemy of unimaginable power and horrific intent. The nightmare is only just beginning…

The four following stories will be released throughout the remainder of the year, with the final two being released on the same day. The release schedule is as follows:

2. The Dead Shoes – 8th October
3. The Circus of Doom – 5th November
4. A Sting in the Tale – 3rd December
5. Hive of Horror – 3rd December


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