Day One for Doctor Who: Series Five Filming

Filming for the fifth series of the new incarnation of Doctor Who, set to air in the UK in spring of 2010, has begun. Set reports and pictures reveal the costume designs for Matt Smith’s Doctor, as well as Karen Gillian’s role as companion. Additionally, a renovated TARDIS model has been seen.

Smith, 26, is playing the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, with Karen Gillian, 21, playing the Doctor’s companion, named Amy Pond. The Daily Mail has pics of the two actors for filming, and the TARDIS can be seen in the background.

Longtime fans of Doctor Who will immediately notice changes to the TARDIS model, the foremost change being the shade of blue now used. Other changes are the St. John’s ambulance decal on the front door, and the overall new, fresh look for the prop.

Pics in this article courtesy of The Sun, BBC, and Daily Mail.

A spoiler lurks after the jump.

The Sun has additional pictures from filming, in which we see Alex Kingston is back. Kingston was previously seen in the two parter Silence in the Library/The Forest of the Dead, where she played River Song. Let the speculation begin.


One thought on “Day One for Doctor Who: Series Five Filming

  1. Catpachi August 2, 2009 / 23:16

    Matt Smith looks good as the Doctor! Tenant was good too…I’ll miss him *tear*

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