The Cultdom Collective is coming!

A name for the new podcast from the guest hosts of CIA: Cultdom in Audio has been decided upon, bringing us one step closer to the debut of the new show.

The name of the new podcast will be “The Cultdom Collective“, and is scheduled to debut on Sunday, 2 August, at 3:30PM EST.

The decision process for the podcast’s name was helped along by a poll on Cultdom Chronicles, the podcast’s official blog. Readers of the blog had a list of possible names to choose their favorite from. The results of this poll would aid in a final naming decision.

The Cultdom Collective is set to be a weekly podcast featuring news and discussion on all things from the worlds of science fiction entertainment. The shows are live on Sunday afternoons, and feature roundtable discussoins on the week’s topic.

From the latest blog entry from Ian (aka TheSixthDoctor) on the Cultdom Chronicles, the next project for Cultdom Collective involves establishing what the first month of shows will involve.

Please look forward to the first episode of The Cultdom Collective.


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