Mike O’Meara Show out in station format change

A long-running talk radio station in Manassas, Virginia is set to change formats on Monday, 20 July. As a result of this format change, a popular afternoon radio program has been canceled.

The Mike O’Meara Show has officially ceased new episodes, as of yesterday, and is running in “best of” repeats for the next month, at which point the show will no longer air.

The Mike O’Meara Show began on 14 April, 2008, when Don Geronimo quit. Before that, WJFK was the flagship station for The Don & Mike Show, a program that had been on the air since December of 1985, albeit on different stations.

The cancellation of The Mike O’Meara Show came quite unexpectedly, far as I’m concerned. I had noticed that recent shows had not felt like actual live episodes. Missing were the regular news and audio vault segments. My suspicion that these were just “best of” compilations were confirmed when I found out about the impending format change. An announcement was made yesterday that the Mike O’Meara Show will run in “best of” repeats for the next month, then be pulled from the station entirely.

Here’s hoping that Mike, Buzz, and Rob can get together for a show elsewhere. I’ve been listening to them since mid-1999, when a station in South Carolina was broadcasting the show.

As of this coming Monday, 20 July, WJFK 106.7 FM will become 106.7 The Fan, an all-sports radio station. The station, which bore the tag line “Washington’s Talk Superstation”, will now be known as SportsRadio 106.7 FM. The daily lineup of shows during the week will involve sports discussion shows, reflecting the new format of the station.

Update (16 July): According to a tweet from BDK Reviews’ Kevin McCarthy earlier tonight, tomorrow’s “Best Of” episode of The Mike O’Meara Show will feature a good-bye message from Mike O’Meara that was recorded earlier this week. Tune in to the show tomorrow afternoon to hear it.

Best of luck to Mike O’Meara, Buzz Burbank, and Rob Spewak.


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