Mario Marathon 2 concludes, record-setting amount raised

The second annual Mario Marathon has concluded, with an astounding $28,684.01 raised for Child’s Play charity.

The marathon began the morning of Friday, July 10th, at around 9AM EST. The point of the marathon was to raise money for the Child’s Play charity, while playing the core Super Mario games (Super Mario Bros. 1-3, World, Sunshine, and Galaxy). The marathon almost came to an end yesterday morning, but donations reached their Sunshine goal where, at $24,576, they would play through Super Mario Sunshine to 100% completion. So they spent the next 24 hours playing Super Mario Sunshine, collecting the last Shine Sprite at around 9:20AM EST on Tuesday, July 14.

The three played in shifts, but played the games continuously for what ended up at 96 and a half hours. During the marathon, they would do the Mario dance, to the tune of the closing credits of the Super Mario Bros Super Show.

In the end, Epic Fails were seen, major lulz were had, Mac Guy became Interwebz famous, and there were plenty of Epic Wins. Another point of the marathon was to combat the negative press that video games get, and that goal was achieved nicely. Coverage of the event appeared on television news broadcast around the nation, heard on many radio stations, and articles appeared all over the Internet. Many times, word of the Mario Marathon became a trending topic, beating out other topics such as Iran Elections and Harry Potter.

Some memorable events during the marathon were the Mario dances, done at every $1,000 interval. Last night saw the last Mario dance from everyone in the group together, although early this morning, John did a dance while dressed as Luigi once the donation total passed $28k.

Many congratulations and thanks to Shirt Guy, Slouch Guy, and Couch Guy for their hard work on this marathon. Thanks to everyone who donated, making this event such an outstanding success.


One thought on “Mario Marathon 2 concludes, record-setting amount raised

  1. CoW mAn July 16, 2009 / 17:13

    They actually got over $29k before they shut down the donations…

    Also, check out the trends graph:

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