Mario Marathon 2 Raises Money for Charity

Beginning earlier today, a group of gamers started their second annual fundraising effort to benefit the Child’s Play charity. The marathon consists of them playing through the core Super Mario games, in order.

So far, they’ve played through Super Mario Bros 1-3, Super Mario World, and now they are working on Super Mario 64.

The point of the marathon is to raise money for Child’s Play charity, which is a charity that gives games, books and toys to children in hospitals around the world. The charity was started by a group of gamers to combat all the negative views on video gamers that the media portrayed. The charity benefits children by giving them something positive to look forward to while they are in the hospital.

The live stream can be found here.

July 13 Update: Mario Marathon 2 has now raised just over $26,000. Early this morning, they reached a goal of $24,576, at which point they would proceed to collect all shine sprites on Super Mario Sunshine.


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