What’s Playing on Radio Rand al’Thor?

And now for another edition of….what’s playing on Radio Rand al’Thor?

Every once in a while, I take my playlist, shuffle a list of songs, and post the list on the blog. There’s no reason for this besides just for the lulz. Oh, and “Radio Rand al’Thor” is simply what I refer to my music playlist.

So, without further ado, let’s see the next ten tracks playing on Radio Rand al’Thor! List is after the jump.

1. “An Evil Plan 2” – Rare (from the Banjo-Tooie OST)
2. “Song of Captivity and Freedom” – Murray Gold (from the Doctor Who Series Four OST)
3. “The Miracle Stone Shows One’s True Nature” – Koji Kondo (from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker OST)
4. “Lives in the Balance” – Jackson Browne
5. “Affairs of the Heart” – Fleetwood Mac
6. “Evil World” – Koichi Sugiyama (from the Dragon Quest 6 OST)
7. “Stereotomy Two” – Alan Parsons Project
8. “Final Fantasy 6 Battle on a New Continent OC ReMix” – Christian Pacaud
9. “Dear Yoko” – John Lennon
10. “Wind Dry My Tears (Sylph)” – XMark (from the Summoning Spirits album from OC ReMix)

There you go!


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