Torchwood: Asylum airs on BBC Radio 4

Earlier today BBC Radio 4 aired the first of three Torchwood audio plays, called “Asylum”. The episode can be found here, and can be downloaded until next Wednesday. However, keep in mind the downloads are region-locked, meaning that you can’t access the download unless you have a UK IP address.

The episode description reads thusly:

When PC Andy arrests a teenager for shoplifting, he thinks it is going to be a routine case. Then he sees the weapon she is carrying and decides to call in the Torchwood team. Under questioning from Gwen, the girl remembers her name but little else, and when she speaks it is in a strange mix of English and Scandinavian, but with a Cardiff accent. Then the girl’s blood tests come through and the team is faced with a dilemma.

The second audio play, “Golden Age”, will air at 2:15PM GMT (9:15AM EST) tomorrow on BBC Radio 4.

After listening to “Asylum”, I’m getting the feeling that these might not each be stand-alone adventures. Without spoiling anything from the first episode, I’ll just say that the episode ended with a number of unanswered questions.

Anyway, “Golden Age” airs tomorrow, with the third episode, “The Dead Line”, airing at 2:15PM GMT (9:15AM EST) Friday.

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