The RaT Project resumes production

My podcast series, The RaT Project, is set to resume this weekend.

Started in mid-2006, The RaT Project is a podcast wherein I discuss current events, anime, movies, and sci-fi. Around a year ago, I took the show live on TalkShoe for some episodes. Technical difficulties prevented me from continuing with weekly live shows, but those have finally all been sorted out.

The RaT Project live shows are centered around a different topic each week, and is open to listener participation during recording. Each episode begins with a round-up of relevant news stories, and brief discussion of said news stories.

Next episode is scheduled for Sunday, 5 July at 5:10PM EST. My plan for regular episodes is 5:30PM on Saturday evenings, as Sunday afternoons are crowded with CIA, Cultdom, and the possible Doctor Who Podshock.

TalkShoe ID is 21129. Join in the discussion, won’t you?

The topic for this Sunday’s episode is “Summertime Anime Guide”. The RaT Project presents some great recommendations for summertime. If you’ve got some anime you’d like to recommend, call in.


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